About two very good friends who grey up together,...

Their long-term friendship grew into a partnership. They both love fashion and kids. Celine has 2 lovely kids, Maurice & Cécile, so she has a good eye for your needs. Being a graphic designer and a creative master brain will help as well.

Camille is mom of baby Alix. She is the one with a background in fashion and sales and has an amazing know-how of management. 

Mix them both and you'll have a perfect cocktail called ’n i n o’ 😊.

Together we will help, mom's (to be) and dad's, aunties, nieces and nephews, godmothers and godfathers,... all of you, to find your baby-essentials in a sustainable, fashionable and organic way. All carefully chosen worldwide. Think soft tones, high quality and fair prices.